About Us

Integrity may or may not be the company for you and your business to use, & we are perfectly ok with that. Discover more about us below to see if we’re the right fit for you.

My Name Is Matt…

My wife, Kristin, and I have very clear priorities, God first, Family Second, Business third.

As a result, I no longer have the desire to build a massive business, I want to know my clients, and more importantly like my clients and for them to know and like us. Now I know that sounds like a great soundbite but walking it out is a whole other story. A few years back while owning a large company God started moving in our hearts, calling us to serve others and our kids better. I can be stubborn so it took God slapping me in the face before I yielded and began taking action. We got rid of our big home, expensive cars (and I love cars), started homeschooling the kids and focusing on serving others the best we knew how.

It has taken us on a wild ride…

We traveled around the country in an RV…

Serving the poor and homeless as we went, we even got the pleasure of building some tiny homes for homeless veterans in Compton, California. Funny thing is, our kids and us were effected far more than anyone we helped.

Then God called us back to the place we got married, Belize, but for a different reason other than the great diving, fishing, and island life. We were all of a sudden with our kids in a community that doesn’t have clean water to drink, electricity, access to education, or food. It’s been a pretty neat journey so far, and God has done some amazing things there, and in our family. We now go back and forth between Texas and Belize regularly and as a client we would love for you to come down with us (one reason we are picky about clients). 

So now that you know a little bit about us personally, let me explain our mission…

We will max out at 75 clients. Why 75? Because that is how many I can easily manage and allow each business owner to contact me on me cell, and along with my small team of superstars truly deliver on the promise of excellent service.

Due to our simplified lifestyle I no longer need to feed my ego or bank account by building something big just because I can. And truthfully I can’t without sacrificing the level of service and experience the clients receive.

If you are interested in exploring what we do there is 3 steps I suggest:

  • Let’s meet and get to know each other
  • You decide if you like the concept of PEO and what we have to offer
  • See if we can make the numbers work (my goal is to save you money and I will be the first person to say if I don’t think it will work)

Calen Bacy

“This firm is friendly and dedicated to making sure all employee details are accurate at all times. They helped me out when I urgently needed some information over the weekended. My company and I are very lucky to have them!”.

Discover how working with Integrity can transform your business.

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